Connecting Hearts in Challenging Times

In the face of the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Palestine, we at Shifa Project recognize the profound impact it can have on the mental and spiritual well-being of Muslims worldwide. Our mission is to provide a supportive community that fosters understanding, resilience, and renewed faith.

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About us

Healing Together

Uniting communities through support.

Shifa Project is a collaborative initiative born out of the partnership between non-profit organizations and mental health practitioners in Australia. Our mission is to provide support and resources to our Muslim brothers and sisters affected by the conflict in Palestine. By combining the expertise of various organizations, we offer psycho-spiritual support circles, community events, and a wealth of resources to foster a strong, united community.

Our Vision

We envision a united and resilient community where individuals of all ages and backgrounds find the strength and resources to navigate their emotions and renew their spirits. Through shared stories, mutual support, and the embrace of faith, we strive to be a beacon of hope and solace for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address the psycho-spiritual needs of Muslims affected by the news and sentiments surrounding the situations in Palestine and Gaza. We aim to foster a sense of community, understanding, and renewed faith, helping individuals navigate their emotions and find solace in their beliefs.

Resources for Healing

Resources for Healing

A curated collection of books, articles, and multimedia materials to provide context, understanding, and coping mechanisms. These resources will cater to diverse age groups and will be regularly updated to remain relevant and impactful.


 Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)

CISD is a form of crisis intervention aimed at reducing the traumatic impact of an event by fostering a connection between people who went through the same experience, increasing effective coping, and trauma education after the stressful event. This can help provide space to process after a stressful or traumatic event occurred.

Trained mental health professionals facilitate group or individual sessions to help participants express their thoughts and emotions following critical incidents.

CISD aims to mitigate the psychological impact of traumatic events, promote emotional healing, and prevent the development of long-term mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

This page contains a number of resources that you can utilise in different settings to run a CISD session including the following:

  • Introduction to CISD Framework and training video
  • Toolkit to run CISD sessions
  • Sign-up forms to request a facilitator for your school or community or to be come a facilitator

Request to be a CISD Facilitator:

Shifa Project are on the lookout for individuals keen to deliver/facilitate Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) within varying community settings. If you are interested then you can fill out the form below



Request further support and group facilitators for your school or community group:

Should you find it challenging to personally lead a support circle for your school community, consider requesting a facilitator. Engaging a skilled facilitator can provide valuable assistance in conducting a support circle tailored to the unique needs of your school. You can request a facilitator by filling out the google form below

Call to Actions & Petitions

A list of organisations and agencies assisting Palestinian migrants and refugees settling into Australia.

Resources for Healing

Resources from Dr. Samah Jabr

The Shifa Project is proud to collaborate with Dr. Samah Jabr and offer a platform to disseminate resources,  events, and provide tools that advocate and support Palestinian mental health and wellbeing.

Dr. Samah Jabr is a psychiatrist practicing in the public and the private sectors within Palestine in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. She is currently the Head of the Mental Health Unit within the Palestinian MoH. She has taught both in the classroom and in clinical settings on the faculties of several Palestinian universities and she is affiliated with George Washington University within the Division of Global Mental Health, where she is currently an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural sciences. She is a trainer of several subjects related to psychiatry and psychotherapy including CBT, mhGAP, Istanbul Protocol for the documentation of torture and Treatnet package for drug addiction.

Dr. Jabr often serves as a consultant for international organizations regarding program development, policy planning, and program implementation and as a provider of psychological support and wellbeing workshops for human right organizations. Her varied areas of interest include the rights of prisoners, the problem of stigma, psychoanalysis, childhood trauma, and the integration of mental health with public health. She is a prolific writer on diverse subjects, in both academic and public media, related to Mental Health and human rights; she authored the book Beyond the Frontlines,  Derrière les fronts: Chroniques d’une psychiatre psychothérapeute palestinienne sous occupation, published by PMN in 2017,  which appeared in French, Italian and Spanish,  and the book Sumud, resistere all’oppressione, published in Italian by Sensibili alle foglie in 2021. She is also an author of several Arabic professional manuals and guidebooks, one of them, on Suicide Prevention, won the 2021 prize of the

 Dr. Jabr is also a founding member of the Palestine Global Mental Health Network.

A curated collection of books, articles, and multimedia materials to provide context, understanding, and coping mechanisms from Dr. Samh Jabr. 

A curated collection of books, articles, and multimedia materials to provide context, understanding, and coping mechanisms. These resources will cater to diverse age groups and will be regularly updated to remain relevant and impactful.


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Need mental health support in light of world events?

Free Psychological Counselling

In light of global events, Mindwise Health and Well-being in collaboration with Shifa Project is offering free Telehealth and in-person psychological counselling.

Reach out to us if you need help with:
🔹 Improving mental health
🔹 Improving self esteem
🔹 Improving communication
🔹 Improving relationships
🔹 Improving stress management kills
🔹 Goal setting
🔹 Dealing with grief and trauma
Or any other issue related to mental health…

No referral needed.

Need additional help?

There is no shame in asking for professional help:  

  • We have been created by Allah to be tested on our strength: 

Who has created death and life, that He may test you which of you is best in deed. And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving – Surah Al Mulk, Ayah 2 

  • While dua and prayer is the number one solution for our trials, there is no problem in seeking help from others when needed. 
  • Mental health issues are real illnesses and treatments should be sought. 

Getting professional help 

Only a trained health professional can specifically diagnose someone with a mental health condition or disorder. The best place to start is a trusted GP or General Practitioner. 

  • Smiling Minds – NZF | Phone: 1300 663 729
  • Hayat line – Mission of Hope | Phone: 1300 993 398
  • Centre for Muslim Wellbeing Navigator | Phone: 0472 668 010
  • Transcultural Mental Health Line | Phone: 1800 648 911

Beyond Blue

Anyone feeling anxious or depressed

Phone 1300 224 636

Suicide Call Back Service

Phone: 1300 659 467

Kids Helpline

Counselling for young people ages 5-25
Phone: 1800 551 800


Personal crisis
Phone: 13 11 14

Head 2 Help

Head to Health connects you to mental health support

1800 595 212

CMW Professionals List

Mental Health and Community Support Directory

Muslim Mental Health Professionals List

Heart Chat

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Periodic workshops, training and healing circles conducted by mental health professionals, spiritual leaders, and community influencers. These sessions focus on trauma-informed care, spiritual guidance, and resilience-building, tailored to the unique experiences of our community.

Documentary Screening by Dr Gabor Mate | "Where the Olive Trees Weep

🎬 Please join us for a community screening of Dr. Gabor Maté’s documentary “Where the Olive Trees Weep,” which highlights Palestinian resilience. The film provides background on the current crisis in Israel/Palestine and sheds light on human stories of intergenerational pain, trauma, and resilience. The documentary aims to touch your heart, stir compassion and understanding, and inspire a pursuit of justice. For without justice, peace remains an empty slogan.
Panel Discussion: Engage with Professionals from pro-Palestinian and Palestinian community members post-screening.
We would greatly appreciate your support by attending and sharing the event with your networks.

For all queries, email:

Women's Healing Circle for Palestine

Join us for a Collective Healing Circle for Palestine on the 18th May at 1:00pm.
Registration essential limited spaces
Ph: 0430 133 849

Past Events and Workshops

This is a Joint Initiative Supported by the following Organisations

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